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 • Rules for Chiness •

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PostSubject: • Rules for Chiness •   Sun Mar 15, 2009 8:53 pm


• Do not spam skills an any town.
• Do not sit on the Prontera Road with an open chat box if you are idle or AFK.
• Do not hamper the progress of other players. I.E Vend or open a chat box over a portal or NPC.
• Do no take other player's loot, or attack the same monster as they are unless you have their concent.
• Do not impersonates a GM. This includes adding the [GM] tags to your name.
• Any sort of discrimination is unacceptable, no matter how bad the english.
• Do no spam people or GM's with messages.
• This is an english server. So speak english please!


• GM's will never ask for your password or email adress.
• GM's will not Tank a player or give away zeny/items.
• Do not spam GM's with messages.
• Respect all GM's
• Do not ask to be a GM.


• Dont spam topics to increase posts/views.
• Do not post innapropriate material. (porn, racist, sexist, violent or offensive)
• Don't make useless topics.
• Make your post effective to the forums.
• Do not harrass other players.
• No matter how much of a noobish question someone asks, do no
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• Rules for Chiness •
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