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 kaiserzRO Dota's Card List

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PostSubject: kaiserzRO Dota's Card List   Mon Dec 15, 2008 3:53 pm

Categories: Dota Card's Collection
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===Ilidan Card===

Desc: Ilidan life was fading, his enemy's was the same. He has struck his final blow, killing his enemy in one shot, but without noticing, he also struck himself and died on the spot. His Blade was left, and was turned to a card in memory of his bravery.

-Automatically uses Coma Level 1 in a 5% rate.
-Adds +30 Defense
-Reflects Physical damage 50%

Compound @ Headgead

===Purist Thunderwrath Card===

Desc: Purist Thunderwrath served as a holy servant for many years. Before he died, he wanted his brother "Arthas" to keep his power, but that power has been stolen but was recovered. Today, a card enchanting Purist's power, can possess a user with great power.

-Allows the use of Level 10 Holy Light.
-50% Magic Immunity
-Adds +50 Defense

Compound @ Headgead

===Lightning Revenant Card===

Desc: Razor, while in battle, got hit by his own lightning, which was already upgraded into killing anyone in an instant. Before Razor died, they removed the "Instant Death Lightning" from him and put it away in a card. They reduced the magic and made it as what Razor used to be.

-Allow the use of Jupitel Thunder lvl10
-Automatic use of Thunder Storm lvl10 in a 20% rate.
-Adds +10 Critical Damage

Compound @ Headgead

===Nortrom Silencer Card===

Desc: It is made in memory and tribute to Nortrom, the silencer, after he has died several years after the Defense of the Ancients.

-Allow the use of Dispell lvl10
-Allow the use of Lex Divina lvl4
-10% more damage on all monster
-Makes weapon part compounded unbreakable.

Compound @ Headgead

===Stealth Assasin Card===

Desc: Rikimaru's skills had a side effect, that after he has gotten more powerful, he will fade slowly. After he has disappeared, a card was left behind that can retrieve the power of Rikimaru, because until today, he is not really dead.

-Automatic uses Back Stab lvl10 in a 50% rate.
-Allow the use of Hidding lvl10
-Allow the use of Cloaking lvl10
-Automatic uses Wall of Fog lvl5 in a 30% rate.

Compound @ Headgead

===Morphling Card===

Desc: Morphling lived for so many years, and then died after 139 years. When he died, his body collapsed into a large amount of water, making the "Pacific Ocean". Burrowed deep in the pacific was a hidden power, that was gathered by the sentinel and turned into a card.

-Allows the use of Water Ball Level 5.
-Automatically uses Deluge Level 1.
-Increases SP Recovery (Level 10).

Compound @ Headgead

===Atropos Card===

Desc: Atropos was sealed away of darkness by an unknown sentinel soldier, and was forgotten. Hundreds of years have passed and this card was compacted into a sheet-like card.

-Automatically uses Sleep Attack Level 5 in a 30% rate
-Allows the use of Heal Level 10.
-Adds +20 Defense.

Compound @ Headgead

===Aggron Stonebreaker Card===

Desc: When the 2 brothers split apart, there was a part of their body that was leftover, a thing they cannot touch. It was then transformed into a card by the World Tree.

-Splash Damage of 5 Cells.
-Allows the use of Fireball Level 5.
-Automatically uses Double Casting Level 5 in a 30% rate.

Compound @ Headgead

===Bradwarden Card===

Desc: Bradwarden was turned into a card, never to return back to its original form, thanks to the Scourge. The sentinel recovered the card, and was hidden away.

-Allows the use of Frenzy Level 1.
-Allows the use of Ankel Snare Level 3.
-Allows the use of Hammerfall Level 5.
-Add STR+30

Compound @ Headgead

===Rylai Card===

Desc: Rylai wanted to keep her power sealed away, to be used for good once again. She stored her power deep in a powerful cell, and then she died. After awhile, a group of nuisance kids thought the cell was a "battery".The cell exploded, freezing an entire village. The sentinel then shrunk the village and turned that village into a card.

-Allows the use of Storm Gust Level 10.
-Allows the use of Ankel Snare Level 3.
-Automatically uses Frost Diver Level 10 in a 30% rate.
-Gives you an automatic SP recovery.

Compound @ Headgead

===Mirana Card===

Desc: Mirana, shot the moon with full force. After 10 years, her arrow came back to earth, carrying another thing with it, a card. In an unbelievable coincidence, when the arrow hit the earth, Mirana died of heart attack exactly at the same time.

-Allows the use of Storm Gust Level 10.
-Allows the use of Summon Spirit Sphere Level 5.
-Allows the use of Meteor Storm Level 5.
-Allows the use of Body Relocation(Snap).
----- Card Combo
-If Tiny Card is equipped, allows the use of Zen Level 5.

Compound @ Headgead

===Tiny Card===

Desc: Tiny, also known as Little Stone, the Smasher, is a powerful neutral Stone which can kill a hero in a single hit. He is very powerful, and often requires several heroes to kill.

-Allows the use of Asura Strike Level 5.
-Allows the use of Summon Spirit Sphere Level 5.
-Allows the use of Fury Level 1..
-Mirana Card Combo
-If Mirana card is equipped, allows the use of Zen Level 5.

Compound @ Headgead

===Aegis of the Immortals Card===
Desc: This item was too large to be carried, so they shrunk it into a small item, a card actually.

-Allows the use of Ressurrection Level 4.
-Automatically uses Kaizel Level 7 in a 60% rate.

Compound @ Headgead
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kaiserzRO Dota's Card List
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