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 Newbie Starter Guide

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PostSubject: Newbie Starter Guide   Thu Jan 29, 2009 9:01 am

Well since so many people seem to be having troubles here I thought i would give you all a guide. I will update it as more questions are asked. Lets begin.

First of all lets talk about adding stats. After reaching 99 on any stat the add button will no longer be available. To add stats after that use /str+ 100 or /int+ 100 and so on. You can put any number you want it doesnt have to be 100. So if you only want 3 more str you would use /str+ 3 or for 29 more it would be /str+ 29 and so on.

Now for the reborns. Many people dont seem to know where the npc is to reborn so here we go. In Prontera there is a npc just south of the fountain area with the name Sea Voyage. Click on it and choose "Sure" to warp to the location of the rebirth npc. Its the npc that looks like a valkyrie. You must be max lvl in order to talk to it and reborn. You can reborn a total of 99 times and every reborn will giver you 50 more stats points to start with then the time before did. So at 1 reborn you will start with 150 (as a trans class you already get the 100 as high novie thus the 150 from the 50 for reborn + the 100 from high novie) and at 2 reborn you start with 200, 3 starts at 250 and so on. Along with the extra stat points you get, with every 10 reborns you get a custom item from the npc. After talking to it and changing back to high novie it will add the item to your inventory. Make sure you wont be overweight when you change to novice or you will not get the item so best bet is to store all your items before talking to the npc.

The "gold room" as some of you might call it here is a zeny room with zeny mercs and is located to the left of the reborn npc. They are strong so its not really easy to obtain zeny from them. But the server is set so that every kill you will automaticly get some zeny though it is a small amount for normal monsters. The best way to earn zeny would be to use @autoloot and sell the loot or use @alootid (item name here) and loot a certain item worth a lot from a mob. Its up to you to find a trick that works best for you.

The KaiserZ Death npc asks for skulls. It wants normal skulls not player skulls. Every time you bring it 400 skulls it will give you 3 super powerful Mercs to fight with you. It is not recomended to get them at a low level if you think you might die due to the Mercs dieing when you use this npc wisely.

For the vote points you need to make sure you are logged on the CP when you vote and vote from the CP. Every vote for each link earns you 1 point and you can vote every 12 hours. So in 1 day you are able to make a total of 32 points. The npc to claim the prizes are located to the right of the reborn npc and has various prizes available.

The only way to obtain custom gears at least that I know of is in 3 ways. First is by donating. The second is by voting. And the third is by reborning.

Thats all I have for now but if I see more questions being asked I will update with guides to them all. Hope the guide helps you all and have fun ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Newbie Starter Guide   Fri Jan 30, 2009 2:43 am

nice guide..! well this server will rise soon try support as guys "_
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PostSubject: Re: Newbie Starter Guide   Fri Jan 30, 2009 6:34 am

glad to be of some use xD if anyone has any more questions just pm me in game though you might have to see me in town or wait for me to reborn to see my name since its always changing xD im Crim in game btw =P though you can leave the messages on the forums pm or in the topic here as well
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PostSubject: Re: Newbie Starter Guide   

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Newbie Starter Guide
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