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 npc killer or helper?event

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PostSubject: npc killer or helper?event   Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:47 am

npc-helper or killer?

make a warp portal to a map that is enough large.

the player come and sit in a circle(if somebody make noise in this room he is expulsed of the event)

debuff everyone by making them die and ressurect them

now say by order the name of the players starting somewhere and they click on the npc in the middle of the circle.

the npc can poison the people,heal them,buff them,kill them.

no heal or buff
do not move around and making noise
unequip all wing and headgears
do not click on the npc before the gm tell your name or he will kill you!

thanks reading my post
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npc killer or helper?event
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