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 Soul linker,Ninja, Gunslinger Equipable items

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PostSubject: Soul linker,Ninja, Gunslinger Equipable items   Fri Feb 27, 2009 7:07 pm

I suggest changing it so that soul linker, gunslinger, ninja, Star gladiator etc. can use equips that say 'Rebirth and above'. Since they already don't have a transcend class they got it bad to begin with this will make them just a little better. Maybe you can even tweak them a bit so that they can match transcended classes better. These classes are very rarely used and then almost never as a main char which is too bad so think about it kay.
Oh and please for the love of god change it so that linkers can use their attack skills on players. that sux so bad especially on pk
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Soul linker,Ninja, Gunslinger Equipable items
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